Blue House Realty

Your place to find blue colored houses

Blue House Realty is the leading real estate agency for finding blue colored houses. Founded in 1981 as Red House Realty, the company switched to blue houses after the market for red colored houses collapsed.

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London. A metropolis. A place where the big boys live. We live here! Blue House Realty's fictive head office is placed in London. Quite awesome, huh? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque ultrices ullamcorper molestie. Cras non erat augue.

All of our blue houses come equipped with extraordinary furniture. You will love what our team of interior designers has assembled for you.

Blue House Realty offers blue houses all over the world. You want to have a blue House in Thailand, India or Malaysia? No Problem! There are blue houses everywhere you wish.

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You want to get a little more fun and excitement in your life? No Problem! With a blue house your life will turn upside down and get fascinating again. The animation above symbolizes this message slightly.

You want to visit and talk to us? No problem! The next office is right round the corner. If your browser is able to detect your position, it will show a route to your closest Blue House Realty Office.

What our customers say

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